Patient Testimonials


Dr. Tom Komorowski
I was feeling chest pains and thought it was just normal day to day stress.
I’m one of those stubborn 61 year old males that decided to listen to my wife and get checked out.
After visiting Dr. Tom Komorowski’s office and having some tests they found I had a blocked Left Anterior Descending Artery. “Had no idea what this was”
Found out it’s what they call the Widow Maker and can kill you.
Dr. Tom took me to the hospital immediately and proceeded with a procedure called an Angiogram that saved my life.
I recovered quickly in a couple of days and had no more chest discomfort.
Thanks To Dr. Tom and his staff I feel much better and no more chest discomfort.
If your feeling any kind of chest discomfort see Dr. Tom Komorowski and listen to your loved ones.
Thank you Dr. Tom.


January 2016, in a Blizzard, my son raced me to Ocean Medical Center. I was having a Heart Attack after shoveling snow. Dr. Kianfar, the only cardiologist, able to be reached and able to get through the snow, arrived and performed an emergency procedure. He saved my life.
With no prior experience with a cardiologist, Dr. Kianfar and his staff at Ocean Heart Group have helped me restore and rebuild a healthy lifestyle. For this I will be forever grateful.


At age 51 I started meds for high blood pressure. 15 years later I had a heart attack. I was not satisfied with the care I received prior. A friend insisted I contact Ocean Heart Group. Best Decision I Ever Made!
If there is a bright side to heart disease, it is finding the Perfect Cardiologist. I did and will be forever grateful. Dr. Komorowski and staff provide care that is priceless.


When my husband and I relocated to Ocean County we needed a cardiologist. Ocean Heart Group was highly recommended by a number of friends and people in our community. We are extremely happy with our choice. To endorse Ocean Heart Group is a pleasure.
The doctors in the Ocean Heart Group are committed to their patients. They are available, knowledgeable, and diligent. They utilize state of the art equipment and they are current in the latest innovations in cardiology. For convenience, the patients are offered required prescribed testing on the premises. The office staff and the technicians are efficient, friendly, and helpful. Finally, the doctors are very caring and thorough. They take the time to explain, clarify, and make you feel important; not just a number.